How Did the Failures of the Articles of the Confederation Lead to the Ultimate Success of the Country?

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The Articles of Confederation was American colonies first attempt to become unified under a single governmental entity. Designed to be weak, the Articles banded the 13 colonies in an attempt deal with problems such as foreign policy. At the time of the Articles of Confederation, the colonies were much divided and there were constantly opposing views on every action taken. The Articles of Confederation, on the positive note, was able to unify the American colonies in their fight against Britain and solve the land issues of Western lands. In a way we could see the Articles of Confederation as a stepping stone to something greater, the United States Constitution. The United States Constitution addressed many of the issues the Articles did not such as regulating currency, collecting taxes, controlling trade, effective voting laws, and a strong executive branch. The failures of the Articles of Confederation led to the Constitution which eventually led to the ultimate success of our nation. The Articles of Confederation was not designed to be the perfect document to lead a nation. Despite its imperfections, the Articles were able to provide the Colonies ability to conduct diplomacy and a sense of colonial unity. However it lacked many aspects to make a strong governmental organization. One of which is, the inability to regulate currency. During the Revolution, many colonies lacked any form of effective currency and as a result they developed their own state currency. Over time the currency lost its value due to inflation which devastated colonial economies. The lack of effective currency prevented an adequate form of payment to Continental soldiers, which influenced the Revolutionary War and led to Shay’s rebellion. A lack of effective currency combined with the problems of interstate commerce also led to a decline in trade among states. Many states during the time of

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