How Did The English Influence Colonial America

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The English greatly influence colonial American and the journey it took to make our country the diverse place it is today. European demand for tobacco affect the diversity in America first by the culturally diverse culture of the workers, next by the growing change of the views of cultural differences and finally the forty year economic boom and collapse in the Chesapeake region created a mixing pot of different cultures that created a new American society. In order to support the growing need for tobacco first the use of indentured servants was used, next African slaves, and the final affect was an ethnic and culturally diverse population and establishment of a new American culture. In 1650, migrants came and copied the hierarchical system of English culture by hiring English white indentured servants. In the beginning, indentured white servants were highly demanded by merchants. They thought that indentured servants were…show more content…
This created a culture gap and the social status changed for is shown by different views of people depending on their location and diverse backgrounds. Diversity is shown with the differences between slavery in Chesapeake colony and the northern colony. In the North Africans were minority and worked with whites closely. They did not have the demand for the labor that the Chesapeake did. They used slaves more for a status bump instead of needed labor. Blacks had opportunities to be artisans’ labors and they lived around and with whites. There was a misting of the cultures creating a new culture with new views of diversity. All these different conditions established a common group and a new Immergence of a new diverse African society from American creation. They brought a new way of thinking to the Americas with new cosmology, medicines, architecture, family life, food preparations, songs, word rhythms , and wood

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