How Did The Elks Change The Whole World

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Once Ago Once it was said that elks were brilliant athletes. They were larger and spoke language and mated with humans, standing upright on two legs. One day the elk could not stand up, and was smaller. They forgot how to speak, or maybe were not taught. Maybe it was only one elk that was this great. Either way, there was a shift. People forgot gods, revered only ones that would serve them. Many river gods never resurfaced after being forgotten and unnamed. There were other turning points that changed the whole world and how people viewed it. Crows painted lesser birds, and those birds conspired to paint him black. Shapeshifters became popular, and demonized. People were shape shifters before, but had not called themselves as…show more content…
Gods had human faces, and beauty was on a human face. Soon the humans separated themselves to the south and dug out the land so that they could be by themselves. They hoisted the land to get themselves closer to god. The middle Americas were left with dumb animals and disorganized tribes. There were still alliances, and still real sons and daughters of gods on earth. Some were outcasts, but others were royalty. There was the last of the great elks, a man-elk with clothes and language and skills. He was to sire a baby and roamed the land as an animal, playing dumb but looking for brides. When warriors would attack him, he would implae them with his antlers, and their shadows would drain out on the ground. They would never be allow back into society. He found a young woman who was favored by the sun and given rich crops. She was impregnated in an awkward way, and it did not feel right. He felt she was angry and disgusted, and she was infected by the ideas of the cultures. The baby was to be born and there was a grand ceremony, missing many species and luminary magi and leaders. The night before a network of rivers stopped running to the
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