How Did The Declaration Have a Impact On The U.S

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How did the Declaration of Independence have a huge impact on the United States? The Declaration of Independence had a huge impact on the United states of America. Not only was it declaring the United states free of Great Britain, but it marked the official end of slavery stating that all men are created equal no matter black or white. The declaration empowered every citizen to the right of life, liberty and the pursue of happiness (Alexandria, Virginia). In this the government now had to listen to it’s people and gave us the right to stand up and vote for what we believed in. The Declaration really just meant free, we were now free of slavery, and the ruling of Britain and gave the people of the United States the power to be equal amongst all and have a voice to be heard. The Declaration was written to explain why the colonists had the right to revolt against and become independent from England. The colonists largest complaint was that rules were being passed in England that affected their life in the colonies, but the colonists had no representation in England to voice their opinions of the colonists when the laws were being passed (Talmadge, John). The king continuously ignored the colonists list of complaints being the British parliament was passing a number of laws that was severely limiting the freedom of English colonists in America. Due to the king ignoring the colonists complaints they had no other choice but to rebel. This is why the second continental congress met in Philadelphia and decided it was time to declare independence from Britain. When writing the Declaration of Independence they made sure to include all men would be created equal no matter black or white. Not only did the colonists want freedom from Britain but they also wanted freedom for their people (Scotti, Ciro). This gave every American the chance to have life, liberty and

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