How Did The Automobile Change American Society

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When mankind invented the wheel thousands of years ago, the evolution of its use would not have been foreseen. Arguably, the most revolutionary invention spawning from the wheel is the automobile. The earliest development of the modern vehicle was introduced by Frenchman Nicolas Joseph Cugnot in 1771. His three-wheeled, steam-powered car, which only went as fast as 2.3 miles per hour, was built for the French minister of war ( Since then, the automobile's evolvement and its use has very much affected society. Society in America, especially during the early 1900s, was immensely impacted by these advancements. Due to the automobile, the means of transportation was not the only aspect of society that changed, but changes in other aspects such as leisure, entertainment, laws, and the physical environment of communities were also revolutionizing. Two important aspects of American society during the early 1900s that was changed by the development of the automobile are leisure and entertainment. With the use of vehicles, new ways for amusement were invented and pop culture itself was influenced. One of the new forms of entertainment and leisure that was created…show more content…
With the development of vehicles, several aspects of society were enhanced, established and changed. With the evolvement of cars, more employment opportunities came about such as car repair shops, fast food workers, and store owners, new forms of entertainment were created such as drive-in theaters and auto-racing, and traveling and transportation became faster and more sufficient. The development of highways also made traveling more accessible and easier. In all, the revolution of the automobile, which began in the late 1700s, has affected America the early 1900s and with increasing innovations, will continue to impact society in the future
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