How Did Spain Led Up To The New World

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In 1492, Columbus commanded 3 ships to sail west to look for the Japan, china, and India because he believed the earth is sphere that could across the Atlantic Ocean to find those countries. Unfortunately, he never finds the route to Asia in his 4 times voyage due to incorrect measurement of the distance, but He discovered the new world – America and landed on Caribbean island that he names San Salvador, initiating contact between Europe and the New World. In 1565, Spain established her new world empire in St. Augustine, Florida. Spain remained a New World power for almost a century. Afterward, others Europe countries also entered the new world. By the end of the 16 century, other European monarchies had begun to contest Spain’s dominion in Europe and to make forays into the northern fringes of Spain’s New World preserve. In 1588, England defeats Spanish Armada. England seized hold of the Spaniard’s new world domain. They also started their colonization and immigration because of England overpopulated and agricultural goods need. English immigrants and their descendants created societies of settlers. The English culture, laws, habits, political ideas, and language dominated all the colonies.…show more content…
English colonists found Jamestown, Virginia for their first settlement. They began to plant tobacco for England in 1612. English seized New Netherland colony from Dutch and renamed it New Jersey in 1664. In 1675, Indians and colonists clash in King Philip’s War; then, King James II ousted in a “Glorious Revolution”; William III and Mary II became co-rulers of England in 1688. By 1700, English firmly established the colonies of Plymouth, Massachusetts bay, Virginia, Maryland, North and South Carolina, New Netherlands, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New Jersey,

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