How Did Socrates Corrupt Youth

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Steve Burgoyne Socrates Socrates was not guilty of corrupting the youth. Being the wise intelligent man which he was he would simply teach the youth to look for new divinities in life by thinking for themselves. Most certainly is that not such a crime and Socrates, who was highly respected and looked up to by not only his students but also fellow Athenians did all one can possibly do to prove his innocence. Corruption of the youth of Athens was the main charge Socrates was being indicted on. It was a few men who belittled Socrates that conducted the charge on Socrates. These men signified those that Socrates scrutinized in his exploration to find out just how true the Delphic Oracle really was. Regarding his studies, Socrates had come to realize that not one of the men supported their assumption on what they knew was true as it was indeed entirely false. Being proven wrong by Socrates made the men so annoyed and irritated at him that they grouped as one and indicted Socrates. Showing that he is full of knowledge and proving his own innocence is what made the men indict him as they also did not want to feel embarrassed by…show more content…
For his entire life Socrates had done nothing other than examining his own life hence so he can improve himself as a human being and become wiser than he already was. Being not able to teach the entire city the knowledge which he possessed was what put Socrates to death. He helped others find meaning in their lives and pursue happiness. Never once was it his initial intension to “corrupt” anyone. It was Socrates being a good man and trying to reach out to others in making them succeed in life which is what cost Socrates own life in the long run. Socrates never once felt he was better than anybody and always stood by his beliefs, as that is not only what made him such an important feature to philosophy but also such a magnificent human being as

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