How Did Socrates Allow Himself To Be Put To Death

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Was Socrates Right To Allow Himself To Be Put To Death? Duchacess Macon Philosophy 150 First Response Paper Macon Pg. 1 Socrates was a seventy year old Athenian man who teached philosophy to anyone who would listen.…show more content…
who was born and died January 15, 1929- April 4, 1968. In 1955 Martin Luther King Jr. accepted the leadership of the first great Nero Macon Pg. 4 Nonviolent demonstration of contemporary times in the United States. Martin Luther King Jr. lead a boycott that lasted 382 days and on December 21, 1956 the Supreme Court of United States had declared unconstitutional the law requiring segregation on buses, Negroes and whites rode the buses as equals. Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested during the boycott, his home was bombed and he was subjected to personal abuse. In April 4, 1968 Martin Luther King was assassinated for being black and fighting for equals’ rights. ( and ( Now you might ask, was Socrates wrong for allowing himself to be put to death? This question can be answered in two ways. Socrates was wrong for allowing himself to be put to death because he could have asked the jurors on his trial for a realistic sentence. Such as asking the jurors to fine him with a reasonable fine that he could have paid and still kept face with the jurors and the laws of the Athenians. Since money wasn’t an issue

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