How Did Slavery Cause The Civil War

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Slavery in the Civil War The American Civil War (1861 – 1865), split America in half for many reasons. The southerners wanted their own country, while the northerners wanted a country in one. The South was based on the plantation system, while the North was focused on city life. But the most defining reason as to why it was a country fighting within itself is because the south wanted slavery, and the north wanted slavery abolished. John Calhoun even predicted, 10 years before war was even thought of, that slavery would “end in disunion” (A). Slavery was the main cause of the civil war because it caused anger between the president and his people, caused the confederate to secede, and caused the opposing views on how labor should be done. Slavery caused the civil war in one way because it caused half of the nation to hate their own president. Abraham Lincoln was opposed to slavery. He thought all slaves should be free. This caused tension between the south and Lincoln because the southerners wanted to keep their…show more content…
DeBow claimed in The Southern Confederate, that “owners of slaves were mobbed and even murdered in open day” (E). That was no life for slave owners. They wanted to keep doing what they’re doing and not worry about being murdered, so they wanted a country of their own, to do what they pleased. There was no backing down for the southern states. “We refuse to accept for a cause any thing, but sovereign independence of our States” (G), says Richmond Examiner. There was nothing that would stop the southern states from trying to receive independence. William Walker believed that the issue of slavery was so severe, it “affected the fate of the whole country” (C). No matter what, one side was going to win, and one side would lose. One side would get what they wanted, and one side would give up what they wanted. Slavery caused this need, and it was impossible to
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