How Did Red Grange Affect The 20's

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In the early 20’s a famous athlete, Red Grange, became known to be as a great all American foot ball player. He was an ordinary kid that played college foot ball and worked as an ice cream delivery man during the summer. As a running back of the university of Illinois he became known for his ghost like speed and elusiveness. After being a well known college foot ball star he was drafted to play for the Chicago Bears. Even though back then college foot ball stars rarely went pro because the pro league didn’t have much money and teams often failed Grange agreed because he saw hope in the future of the league. Although today that would be a wonderful and prosperous thing to do, back then things weren’t all the same and it was a big gamble. Back then pro foot ball was considered a joke and it was mostly for the people who weren’t good enough to get into the well and orderly college teams. In the early stages of pro foot ball there were many teams that came and went. Most of the time it was men from the coal mines or some other place that didn’t want to work at their crappy jobs and wanted to try their luck at getting paid for playing foot ball. A lot of the time they would get paid very little if any depending if they won or lost a game. Red Grange was…show more content…
In the 20’s you could not throw a forward pass in foot ball, it had to be passed backwards unlike today where you can pass it either way. There was also a difference in protection, back then it was just a leather padded cap and thin shoulder pads while today it is a full helmet with a face guard and thick shoulder, chest, and leg pads. Although some of the changes made to foot ball since the 20’s are for the better there is still a few that are for the worst. But in the end one of the sports that has changed the most dramatically over the past 100 years has become one of Americas’ favorite past times and will stay like that for years to

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