How Did President Johnson's Plan What Steps Did They Have To Take?

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I. Reconstructions to the Industrial Age Test Review 1. In order for the southern states to re-enter the Union under President Johnson’s plan what steps did they have to take? 1) States had to end slavery. 2) States had to declare that their secession had been illegal. 3) They had to cancel all war debts. (This made it official that the Confederacy was no longer a nation because not paying debts meant that they would never again get a line of credit. It also punished all supporters who sold items to the Confederacy but had yet to be paid.) 4) Adult white males had to pledge loyalty to the United States. 2. What purpose did Radical Republicans believe was Reconstruction supposed to accomplish?…show more content…
What are the jobs of each of the branches? And the article in the US Constitution that organize that branch. Executive to approve the laws and oversee the enforcement of them, lead the army; Legislative is to create the laws, handle budgets, declare war 10. What are the checks and balances that each branch has over the other two? Executive branch – approves and veto’s all bills or laws (over legislative), selects the federal judges (Judicial) Legislative branch – creates the laws / bills and can override president’s veto with 2/3 vote (executive), Approves the federal judges (judicial) Judicial branch – interprets the laws and can deem them unconstitutional (which means they are no longer valid) (legislative), Presides over presidential impeachments (executive) 11. Who are the leaders of the executive branch? (Know their titles) President Obama (Federal), Governor Rick Perry (State) Vice President Joe Biden (Federal), Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst (State) 12. Who are the leaders of the legislative branch? (Know their titles) Speaker of the U.S. House, John Boehner (Federal), Speaker of the Texas House Joe Straus, (State) President of the U.S. Senate, Joe Biden (Federal) President of the Texas Senate, David Dewhurst

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