How Did Pierre Trudeau Change Canada

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Pierre Elliot Trudeau Lester B. Pearson, Brian Mulroney, Jean Chrétien, Kim Campbell and John Diefenbaker were all influential political leaders in Canada. However, with the implementation of his “Just Society", the Multicultural Policy, the Official Languages Act, and the Constitution Act Pierre Elliot Trudeau is undoubtedly the most influential political leaders in Canadian history . Pierre Trudeau not only changed Canadian history but rather changed Canada. Pierre Trudeau's actions, words and opinions are the basis of Canada, everything he did influenced Canada today making it unique, interesting and incredible. Trudeau was a young leader whose ideas were radical by all standards at the time. Now his ideas are Canada.…show more content…
People are not only equal but deserved to be treated equally in his eyes. His multicultural policy supported the idea of equality, and freedom. He recognized Canada's discrimination and believed that this discrimination must come to an end. Pierre Trudeau also came to realize Canada cannot be separated by the Francophones and Anglophones he decided that Canada must "Either one nation with two languages or, ultimately, two separate nations." He created the Official Languages Act to help unite Canada. In his last term as Prime Minister, Trudeau created and was able to pass the Constitution Act in 1982. In doing this everything Trudeau pushed for in parliament became true making Canada a remarkable country. Pierre Trudeau changed Canada in several ways, what he did as a political leader ultimately shaped what Canada is

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