How Did New York City Become One Of The Greatest Cities

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New York City didn’t just become one of the greatest cities in America on its own; it took hard work, time, energy, and a handful of great leaders. There are three major events that in my opinion helped land New York City as one of the greatest cities. The absorption of war debt by Alexander Hamilton helped the city financially be where it is today. D. Wood Clinton’s grid plan and the Erie Canal severely helped the city advance to where it is today. Financially New York City would not be the city it is today with out the help of Alexander Hamilton. Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton helped develop the first bank in 1783, this impressed George Washington which is why he appointed Hamilton Secretary of Treasury. Hamilton believed that the United States should soak up all the war debt and although Thomas Jefferson opposed this plan he was even able to convince him to vote yes to this plan. It was also Hamilton’s idea to move the capital of the United States to Washington DC. Soon after the war debt was absorbed money began to pour into New York City and more money was invested in trade and stocks. This catapulted the future of a very financially successful city and gave way for financial success in industry and banking. As the city was growing in…show more content…
Wood Clinton didn’t stop at his grid plan; he continued to do amazing things for the city that would eventually mark the beginning for the greatest city in America. Business men were getting anxious because trade was becoming harder and New York was losing to other trade ports. Clinton constructed a plan for a canal; he began construction in 1817 and did not finish with the project until 1825. The canal was 363 miles long but only 40 feet wide and four feet deep. Although very shallow it was deep enough for flat-bottomed boots. The canal was also equipped with 83 stone locks to help raise and lower boats across steep inclines. The Erie Canal enabled quicker and easier trade which in return had an increase in
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