How Did Napoleon Become Emperor Of France?

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How did Napoleon become Emperor of France? Napoleon Bonaparte was not born into power, nor was he from a rich French family, but rather he hailed from Corsican aristocrat parents. A series of opportune circumstances combined with Napoleon’s own talent and ambition to take the best advantage of them was what catapulted his career. The French revolution upheavals greatly helped Napoleon’s career. He started as a general in the army and gained control over France in 1799. The Napoleonic era could be described as a military dictatorship, and many of the achievements of the French Revolution seemed lost but many others were preserved and strengthened. We will go on to describe, analyse and evaluate the instances that enabled Napoleon to become Emperor and the different reasons and circumstances that lead to his climb. In 1793, we saw napoleon shine as the strategic leader when the city of Toulon rebelled against the inchoate French Republic. Napoeon was the one who broke it’s resistance. He was promoted to Brigadier General for this exploit. However, his luck seemed to fail him when Robespierre fell out of favour and he was under ten days of house arrest because of his associations with Robespierre’s clan. He was then reassigned and demoted. His transfer to Bureau of Topography did not seem to improve the unfortunate series of events befalling him. He tried to transfer to Constantinople to take service under the Ottomans, but failed. France had been beset on all sides, torn by inner turmoil. Napoleon’s name was removed from the list of serving generals , he found himself in money troubles and stooping to an unpopular reputation among the people. This, however, did not seem to dampen his spirit or ambitious energy as in 1795 Napoleon defended government leaders against a Paris insurrection. Royalist forces had attacked
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