How Did Myriam Peel's Impact On American Policing

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Policing Leticia Ramirez CJA/214 June 2, 2014 Miriam Moore Policing Policing in the United States first developed following very closely using the policing ideas in England. Colonial America’s which began in the 1630’s focused on moral disruptions and far less on criminal disruptions as we do now. “Watch and ward were a civic duty for all citizens, with no training and no pay” (University of Phoenix, p.1). These citizens were to watch out for their fellow citizen and behaviors to ensure that each one of them was following moral status’s accordingly. Citizens whom had riches were happy to have people watching of their community so they began to distribute money to them. As the villages and towns were formed more crime began to arise and…show more content…
1) Peel was a leader in London who fought for 30 years to improve laws and the way law enforcement was being implemented, Peel was a very important man of his time. During this time of the 1900’s the old system of law enforcement had gone down and London was suffering from poverty, crime and many other disorders that was bringing their country down. Peel was fighting for changing to help improve law enforcement so that the rest of the country may see improvements as well. Peel eventually persuaded Parliament to implement the, “London Metropolitan Police in 1829” (University of Phoenix, p. 1) London Metropolitan Police was recognized as the first modern police force and this is because it consisted of three main elements which involved, “mission strategy and organizational structure of police” (University of Phoenix, p. 1) Peel’s mission strategy was to prevent crimes from happening and not having to respond to them after they had already been committed. Peel invented “preventative patrol” which is officers patrolling areas in order to keep the crimes at bay. The strategy the officer would use to implement the mission of preventing crime was an officer’s presence to hender crimes from happening since most did not want to come in contact with the police. The organizational strategy was borrowed from the military form, which consisted of using;…show more content…
There are two levels of police work in the United States, which are Federal and State and both police organizations follow the states Penal Code. Every state has different regards to their Penal Code, however it will still follow the

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