How did my world change

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Abstract A new time is approaching for our tribe. It is time of change and survival. Simple life as we knew has ceased to exist. Fighting for our land was a new way of life that we have never thought would be as bloody as it was. White man had no respect for our spiritual, cultural and intellectual ways. It is him that had to dominate. How did my world change… It was a simple life. It was a life of basic survival and simplicity that changed once the colonists have come trying to change our way of life. Looking back on my life I have realized that it was possible to live in peace with the white man only if he would give it a chance. I only wanted for my traditions to be respected and for my land to be mine as it was years before. Living in our paradise next to Ohio river we were members of Kickapoo tribe(Unknown author, 2005). I was woken up by a call from a hawk that was scouting his pray above the plains of our beautiful country side. It was going to be an exciting day, my first hunting day with my father who was an experienced hunter and was always able to provide enough meat to my family. We never experienced shortage of food because of my fathers superior hunting skills. Waking up every morning was pleasant experience and it always seemed so familiar. Smelling the morning fire I walked out to see my father sitting in front of the wigwam (Unknown author, 2007) looking into distance. As I approached he whispered: ”It is going to be a good hunting day.” Day before the hunt was well planned and some basic guidelines were followed. No fish was eaten the day before the hunt., no tobacco was smoked because those are the odors that animals were able to detect. My father, Sitting Bull, took me down to the river (Ohio river) and thought me how to rub myself with leaves of yerba buena (Pope, 2005), wash out my mouth and drink some water. We

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