How Did Martin Luther King Impact On America

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The Greatest Impact on the South Since Lincoln Chancellor Hudson North Greenville University Abstract Reconstruction of America was still being implemented 100 years after the revolutionary Emancipation Proclamation. After the Union won the Civil War, America’s public still possessed a slave-like system for the black minority. Jim-Crow, segregation, intimidation, KKK and other sources of systematic slavery-like enforcement was prevalent at this time. King along with many others played a pivotal role in shaping life in the South after its devastating lost to the Union, however out of those many this paper will be focusing on the impact of Dr. Martin Luther King. Specifically, This paper will break down Dr. Martin Luther King’s life beginnings, education journey and civil right impact on America’s Southern region during its Civil Rights era.…show more content…
Martin Luther King Jr. had his life taken by means of a gun. All the words that Dr. King said in his last speech came into fruition November 4th 2008. Almost 4o years exactly after King’s assassination, the U.S had not only granted all rights to blacks, but the U.S had seen their first African-American President. If it had not been for Dr. Martin Luther King’s hard work of the acquisition of higher learning, brilliance of systematically using America’s own law to defeat them and steadfastness through victimization of assassination would America receive the change it did in that quick of a time span? Dr. King had already stated in his letter from a Birmingham Jail that his fellow white colleagues wanted him to wait and stop his protesting. These things could have gone much longer as there would be nobody to bring the issues to the public eye. These things are evident that the life beginnings, education journey and civil right impact of Dr. King gave the South its biggest impact since Lincoln’s Emancipation
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