How Did Louisiana Develop In The 19th Century

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Jose Raimundo (Hist 111.77) In the beginning on the 19th century most of the U.S. population was concentrated along side the coast in an area that stretch from Maine in the North, to Georgia in the South, the coast line to the East and the Appalachian mountains to the west. Most people during this time Lived and died within 30 miles from where they were born. US were relatively small until the Louisiana purchased by President Jefferson. With the Louisiana purchase The US more than double in size. It is believed that Jefferson bought this territory because of his agrarian view of the Republic. He believed that the republic could survive from the land, and with this purchase farmers would have plenty of land to cultivate, and also would provide access to rivers. Very little was known about this vast territory. In the beginning very few had ventured west except for some hunters and trappers.…show more content…
In late 18th century there were only about 10,000 people living west of the Appalachians, but by 1820 there were about two million living in the west. One major reason that made this possible was the transportation revolution. Until then roads and transportation were almost non existent. It was very difficult to transport goods to the west. Most goods were transported either upriver or downriver. Most settlements were established near rivers, to facilitate trade. With the construction of the national road system transporting goods become a little easier then before, but the cost of moving these goods still remained high. The major advantage of the transportation revolution was time and money. It took considerably less time to move the same goods and made it much more affordable. Because waterways were so important a series of canals were built, like the Erie Canal linking Albany and the Great lakes, another major canal was built between Worcester and Narragansett Bay connecting farms of central Massachusetts to Rhode
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