How Did Lloyd George Hope To Achieve From The Treaty Of Versailles

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Model answers: The Peace Treaties of the First World War What did Lloyd George hope to achieve from the Treaty of Versailles? 4 marks Lloyd George hoped to achieve a lasting peace at the Paris peace conference. He also needed to make Germany pay for starting the war as the British public had voted him in as Prime Minister on the promise that he would do this. He personally did not want Germany to be crippled as he feared that this would lead to resentment and could lead to them starting another war in revenge. He also did not want them crippled because Germany had been Britain’s leading trading partner before the war and he wanted this trade resumed so that Britain’s economy could grow again. In what ways did the Treaty of Versailles weaken Germany’s armed forces? 4 marks Germany’s armed forces were considerable weakened by the Treaty of Versailles. They had to reduce the army to 100,000 men, with no conscription. They were not allowed to have an airforce or any armoured vehicles live tanks. The navy was reduced to 6 ships and no submarines. What did President Wilson hope to achieve at the Paris Peace Conference? 4 marks Wilson was an idealist and hoped to fulfil his ‘fourteen points’ at the peace conferences. He wanted ‘to make the…show more content…
Firstly, he wanted revenge for French suffering. Most of the fighting had been carried out in north east France and many of her beautiful provinces had been devastated especially by the retreating German troops. France wanted compensation for this by punishing Germany harshly. Secondly, French people naturally hated German people. Especially after 1871 and the Franco-Prussian war when the Germans took Alsace-Lorraine from France. The public wanted Germany to pay because almost all families knew someone who had died. Also the government wanted to punish Germany harshly through Clemenceau to be popular with the public.
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