How Did Imperialism Cause The Fall Of Athens

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Corey Blackburn University of Kentucky HIS 104 Section 004 Democracy and the Fall of Athens The fall of the Athenian empire in 404 B.C., is credited to the Peloponnesian war and the failure of certain generals and leaders. However using hindsight it is questioned whether Democracy was the cause of Athens fall. Athenians prided themselves on their Democracy which was a system where all of its citizens held equal rights and voted on the issues the nation faced. Leading up to the Peloponnesian war the Athens became a imperialistic state, where they would occupy territory for their own economic gain. To answer the question of did Democracy cause the fall of Athens one must look into the economy of Athens and the impact that imperialism played in both the Athenian economy and the Democratic process. How does imperialism relate to the economy in the context of Democracy.…show more content…
To be able to gain power in Athens, one must make promises to the people so that they will vote in your favor. The biggest promise made to the masses is essentially give them more money. Thus Democracy becomes a very expensive form of government. To satisfy the needs of the country Athens had to become an imperialistic state. To imperialize, means to control land that is not your own for usually your own economic gain. To combat the Persians in the Persian wars, the countries that inhabited Greece including Athens created a group similar to the United Nations today called the Delian League. After the wars with Persia, the Delian league became a tool for Athens to launch its imperialistic plans. Athens would use its navy to protect the members of the Delian league, but the members had to pay tribute to Athens to support the construction of ships and to pay Athenians to sail on the
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