How Did Hoover Contribute To The Great Depression

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Aversion of a Downfall The Great Depression was a very hard time for millions and millions of people. There were several events that contributed to the Depression, however the question is, was the U.S. able to prevent the entire situation from happening if they were able to take precautions before and while the depression happened, along with other countries that greatly relied on the United States being more independent that the entire time could have either been prevented completely or less severe. October 29th, 1929 as some refer to as Black Tuesday(2). This day was to end most luxurious life that some Americans were living after World War I. This was the day the stock market crashed and a hard time known as the Great Depression was about to kick in. Several contributing factors were leading up towards the end of the roaring 20’s and into a whole new time of unemployment and bankruptcy. A few reasons that helped fuel the depression that could have been avoided are the stock market crash along with many bank failures(1). There was an over production in agriculture as there was with industry. The change of the American economic Monetary Policy and the effects the American economy had on the rest of the world. High tariffs and war debts, and…show more content…
In such a short time period he achieved more than Hoover did at all during his presidency. This shows that if different precautions were taken by Hoover and actually wanted to help society that it was possible, he was just a very negligent man. If a different approach from the American government and other countries being more independent, the depression could have been completely avoided. The Great depression was an extremely hard time for millions of people. However if the decisions were made by the right people, the Great depression would not have happened and several would not have suffered through one of the most tragic times in all of American
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