How Did Harry Truman Influence The Government

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Truman:- Harry Truman was president of America after the death of F D Roosevelt in April 1945. Harry Truman gave the order for the atomic bombs to be dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and he represented the United States at Potsdam, the last of the great war meetings. Harry Truman was born in 1884 in Lamar, Missouri. He was brought up in a rural background and in World War one he served on the Western Front as a captain in the American artillery. After the war, he took a law degree at Kansas City and after this he moved into the social and political circles of the Democrat Party. Truman was a county court judge for eight years until 1935, when aged 41 he was elected as a Senator. In World War Two, Truman had the responsibility of keeping a check on war time spending. In 1944, he was selected by F D Roosevelt to be his running mate for the 1944 election campaign. Roosevelt won this election and Truman moved from being a Senator to becoming Vice-President of the United States. Truman took the oath of office in January 1945. Truman’s ancestors had owned slaves. His first recollection of African Americans was a household servants within his family - and he did not come from a prosperous family. While he was dating his future wife Bess, she claimed that he told her that he felt that one person was as good as any other as…show more content…
The FEPC had been set up by Roosevelt and it had been successful in a number of northern cities already. However, in 1945, Truman did not give the FEPC any support over this issue and nothing was done to enforce the will of the FEPC in this instance. Truman could not even persuade Congress to finance the FEPC - but his time was occupied with world-wide issues and perhaps his mind was on more international issues than this one in Washington
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