How Did Harriet Tubman Influence The Civil Rights Movement

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One of the most know woman in the whole world, fought for her freedom to be free. To experience a life that a slave could never experience unless they were free, Harriet Tubman. To free a slave was a risky and hard job but one woman stood up it took one woman to free about 300 hundred slaves she will forever be remembered and recognized. Harriet Tubman was one of the most influential people of the civil rights movement. She was most known for being the conductor of the Under Ground Railroad. Born a slave in Maryland Harriet Tubman’s full name was Arraminta Ross when she married she changed it to Harriet Ross Tubman. She was born in 1822 into a slave family. Her parents were Benjamin Ross and Harriet Ross, former slaves. Slaves were restricted…show more content…
Once Harriet Tubman was free she was so graceful that she wanted to share her freedom. She was referenced to the story of Moses how he saved his people and brought them to freedom. Once Harriet Tubman had escaped she was free she didn’t hesitate to go back for her parents and lead them to freedom with her. The underground railroads journey was about 560 miles long and slaves had to be willing to walk so much for their freedom. Tubman did it about 19 times. This is why she was a conductor. She wanted to be a part of something larger than herself. In only ten years as a conductor she was a brave woman, it is said she helped over 300 slaves to freedom. Tubman’s trip was long and burdensome they would set out at night on foot and the North start would guide them. In the many trips she had encountered she learned the knowledge of tricks that would help her and the runaway slaves not get caught. For instance is a young one cried Tubman would drug the young ones so they wouldn’t fidget any longer. Ready to kill anyone who got in her way Tubman carried a gun, furthermore just in case there were slave hunters or if a slave running away wanted to turn back. She would pull out the gun point at them and tell them “You’ll be free or die.” This made her one of the biggest most well known contributors of the abolition movement. The end of the Underground Railroad came once the…show more content…
There were many people such as Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King, all of these great figures towards this one movement. This movement peaked in the years of about 1955-1965 many acts were passed. The points of these movements were not only to earn equality to everybody. These people sacrificed a lot to get us where we are now. Harriet Tubman’s entire life was scared by a blow to the head from her owner, Rosa Parks was put in jail for defiance of segregation laws and Martin Luther King was murdered for being a civil rights activist. This brave woman Harriet Tubman was not satisfied just by her own freedom, she wanted others to share her experience as well. Some called her general Tubman, she made a total of nineteen trips in the

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