How Did Harold Shipman Contribute To Mental Illness

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Doctor Harold Shipman Doctor Harold Fredrick Shipman was born on the 14th January in 1946 on a council estate in Nottingham England and was the second of four children to Vera and Harold Shipman. He was particularly close to his mother who died of lung cancer when he was seventeen. Shipman witnessed his mother’s suffering from her terminal illness and the effects the home Administered morphine had on her .It is thought that this is what sparked his interest in medicine and what it could achieve. Harold Shipman studied medicine at Leeds school of medicine and graduated in 1970.He was Employed by Pontefract General Infirmary in Yorkshire and in 1974 he took his first position as General practitioner at the Abraham ormerod…show more content…
Deborah Massey from Frank Massey and sons funeral parlour contacted Doctor Linda Reynolds of the Brook surgery where Harold shipman was working in March 1998 concerned about the high death rate of Harold Shipman’s patient’s .The matter was brought to the police who where unable to find sufficient evidence to bring charges .The Shipman inquiry later blamed the police for assigning inexperianced officers to the case .Between April the 17th 1998 when the police adandoned the investigation , and shipman’s evential arrest he had Killed three more people. Death certificates where signed old age as cause of death. His last victim was a lady called Kathleen Gruny. .Kathleen’s daughter was a lawyer who became concerned when a solicitor informed her that a will had been made apparently by mother excluding her children but left £386,000 to Doctor Harold Shipman.. Obviously

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