How Did Germany Use Technology In Ww1

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November 1, 2012 The Use of Technology in World War I World War 1 was a war unlike any other, combat wasn’t just simple machinery and swords it anymore it evolved therefore the fatalities skyrocketed. Combat had gone through an evolution that changed the game plan of war immensely. With this evolution came trench warfare, machine guns, new artillery, and even coming up with using poisonous gasses as a weapon. “This new style of warfare was brought about principally by new technology that arose from the furnaces and factories of industrial Europe” (Maps of the World). As technology become more sophisticated so did the weapons therefore technology became a big part of this world war. Since technology was becoming more advanced at the time, a gun wasn’t just a simple fire arm anymore it became the most deadly piece of machinery ever dealt with. These guns could fire about 500-8000 rounds per minute. Before World War 1 a gun wasn’t that useful in battle because of how long it took to reload as well as the chances of actually shooting directly at your target were…show more content…
At the time Germany wanted to overthrow France and Russia, to become more powerful, they knew these two countries were allies so if they attacked one ally the other would come to the rescue. Germany played it smart and attacked France first because they were smaller. In this battle trench warfare was used a lot. Although in some ways this method was useful, the cons overthrew the pros. Some cons were the following: * Death and disease were omnipresent in the trenches. Sniper’s bullets, rapid artillery fires, and diseases took a heavy toll on the trench soldiers. * Over 200,000 soldiers are estimated to have died in the trenches of the Western Front. Though a good number of these died in action, a significant number succumbed to disease and infection

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