How Did George Patton Influence The World

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George S. Patton was arguably one of the best generals to ever take command of an army. His expertise in doing the opposite of what the enemy thought he was going to do was a great help to him on the battlefield. He always wanted to be the first in on an attack. He had a “get stuff done” attitude which made him easy to respect. Patton was a phenomenal general, who would still have great success today if her were alive. George S. Patton had many influences when he was in his younger years. He was raised in a military family, which had a military tradition for many generations. As a young boy, George developed dyslexia which made his learning challenging. As in, “For although [George] was bright and intelligent and bursting with energy, he was unable to read and write. To him, the letters on the printed page appeared…show more content…
He commanded his troops until 1945 when the war in Germany concluded. He then flew back to the United States where people crowded the streets of Boston to greet him upon his arrival. Patton had a very busy public life after the war. Among many engagements, he even made an appearance at the Rose Bowl. He also spoke to 100,000 people in Los Angeles about the horrors of war. He visited the double amputation war of Walter Reed Hospital to comfort the men who fought. Patton visited many other California army hospitals. At these hospitals, emotions returned as he swore and wept. After his many appearances, he spent some time with his wife at their home in California. Although he loved spending time with his wife, he felt out of place at home. So he flew back to Europe where his soldiers were still stationed. There, Patton felt at peace. He commanded his troops for a few months, until he died on December 21, 1945. George S. Patton was and still is remembered as a great American hero by his soldiers, our citizens, and our

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