How Did F Scott Fitzgerald Become Successful In The Great Gatsby

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Although F. Scott Fitzgerald lived a rather tragic later life, his beginnings weren’t as terrible. F. Scott Fitzgerald was born as Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, named after Francis Scott Key who wrote the famous and easily recognizable “Star Spangled Banner”. He was born on September 24, 1896 in St. Paul, Minnesota. He had one sibling and moved from place to place several times. As a student he attended St. Paul Academy in his home town, The Newman School, and then Princeton University. Although some of his work appeared in his previous schools’ papers, Princeton would ultimately be where he flourished with his publications. Fitzgerald then left school to join the Army in 1918 and would then meet his future wife, Zelda Sayre. Rather fortunate however, Scott would be discharged from the Army, where this was an opportunity for him to begin writing. This opportunity turned out to be very successful. His first novel worked out to be “This Side of Paradise” his first successful work. After various trials and revisions and even a title change, he managed to get it published and with success came more success. That success would be in the form of the marriage between Zelda and him. Together they would have their daughter Scottie and move to…show more content…
Fitzgerald soon realized this with the various parties he threw and alcohols he consumed, although with the Prohibition still in effect. “Flappers and Philosophers” was also successful, a collection of short stories. It was “The Great Gatsby” however that may have been his most successful in terms as influence. Still struggling with alcoholism though, this created a divide between the family. Much disruption was caused and the duo constantly found themselves traveling to place to place; on occasion they would find themselves leaving the United States all together. This is when the true problems started to arise as Zelda had to be hospitalized on several

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