How Did Eleanor Roosevelt's Influence On American Society

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Eleanor Roosevelt extraordinarily differed from the expected role of women in her period, she had become recognised as more than just the First Lady of America, taking a far more politically active role than any other first lady before. More predominantly the influence and achievement of impact of her unceasing activist enthusiasm aided people of suffering and need, recognising all Americans as equals regardless of gender, colour and status. Effortlessly Eleanor strongly vocalised, aspired and achieved many efforts which would aid American society, thus when becoming Franklin Roosevelt’s wife, surrounded by the political world, her enthusiasm to “help people help themselves” expanded her achievements on an international level too. During WW1, Franklin was appointed Assistant Navy Secretary, which gave Eleanor her first opportunities of aid in government support extending her love for voluntary work. She took on the role of fulfilling social obligations and voluntary jobs such as working for two private aid organisations which assumed a quasi-government role in providing supplemental care for seaman and all servicemen, generally the Navy Relief Society, which focused on the special needs of sailors and the American Red Cross. Her dedication and stoic enthusiasm was significantly…show more content…
. .' or, 'Franklin, surely you will not . . .' will ever forget the experience . . It would be impossible to say how often and to what extent American governmental processes have been turned in new directions because of her determination." Many people have referred to her amazing capabilities to turn and change the atmosphere in tense situations of meetings between political people; this advantaged her with respect and
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