How Did David Livingstone Help African Americans

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David Livingstone reached and helped many people in Africa, because of God’s purpose for him. David had gone to school to study medicine and theology, and there he became a very well educated man who changed and helped many people in Africa. He would go around village to village, and spread the word of God, and while he was there, he’d take care of any medical needs they had. David Livingstone helped people both physically and spiritually, likely what God intended him to do. When David graduated with theology and medicine under his belt [not literally] he wanted to go to China as a missionary, but because of the Opium War, he was held back, and went to Africa. As God does in our lives [when we pray], He did in David’s life, He guided him where…show more content…
He influenced men like John Kirk and James Stewart, and made a lasting impression on many Africans and Americans. He started exploring Africa in 1841 until 1873, when he died. While travelling there, he found/traced some of Africa’s biggest rivers and lakes, and as a missionary, he was against the slave trade of Africa, so he fought it. Three major things David did in Africa were: Teaching the people of Africa about God, doing scientific and geographical studies of Africa and work with African people to fight slave trade, and teaching them about their own land and culture. Livingstone fell sick for six years and lost contact with many people. His sickness made him confused and forgetful, near the end of his life, even though he wanted to complete all of his missions in Africa. He died from internal bleeding caused by an infection in the intestines [dysentery] and the disease called malaria, while kneeling by his bed. David married a woman named Mary, who was the daughter of a man named Robert Moffat, a doctor at the college David was attending, Anderson’s College in Glasgow, Scotland. David and Mary had four children, but had to keep relocating because of droughts and his desire to do God’s will, spread
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