How Did British Television Improve Race Relations

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Do you agree with the view that since the Second World War British television has contributed little to the improvement of race relations in Britain? Second World War British television has contributed much towards improving race relations within Britain. This is due to many reasons that are highlighted in source 13 and other events that happened since the War ended in 1945. Although there are contradicting ideas that are discussed in sources 14 and 15. The case supporting the view that Second World War British television made a contribution to improving race relations in Britain is supported in the Source 13 as it mentions how the views of the minority races were changed due to what they were watching on TV. “We’d think they were all racist…show more content…
It holds this view as it saes that within the media there was “too little discussion of racial matters”. This could be due to it being a sensitive subject among the viewers and that they believe the views they hold are correct and that the ones they watch are unrepresentative and stereotyped. It also mentions how “to listen to some people is to believe there are no racial problems in the United Kingdom” which shows how it believes a minority view that is shown through tv programmes like Love Thy Neighbour might not give a true representation of the level of race relations and acceptance of other races. By using the sources and my own knowledge, I have come to the conclusion that since the Second World War race relations have improved due to British television. Source 13 highlights how even the young could acknowledge despite the differences in cultures white people are shown to be acceptant of other cultures in the media. However in source 14 there is little praise for how race relations were improved in Britain. Similarly source 15 says racial matters were not shown in the media but were actually avoided. Overall the TV had a lot of influence on improving race relations in
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