How Did Ancient Egypt Influence Government And Society

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Egypt was one of the earliest civilizations in the Mediterranean. The ancient Egyptians lived along the Nile river basin where they thrived for almost three thousand years. During this time ancient Egypt was the most advanced civilization on earth while the Greece was still in its Dark Age and the Roman Republic was yet to be formed. To the ancient Egyptians religion was the most important part of everyday life; their mythology had the greatest influence over government and society. The gods played a large part in everyday life especially during times of war. “Amun-Re, principal god during the New Kingdom, was said to give the scimitar of conquest to the pharaoh during times of war. This was meant to give the pharaoh wisdom so he may defeat Egypt’s enemies” (Hart 24). The gods were also believed to fight each other. As stated by Baines and Malek in their book, Atlas of Ancient Egypt “if one Egyptian village or city would attack another each one would be represented by a local deity. When a city lost to another it was believed that the winning cities god had conquered…show more content…
“The pharaoh had absolute power over the Egyptian Empire, its people, and the religion of ancient Egypt” (Ancient Egyptian Government n.p.). The pharaoh’s power would often grow or weaken depending on the religious climate. Usually the pharaoh’s authority would only go up but in some cases he could become less powerful. Sometimes a cult would become extremely powerful leading to the king losing power. In a case like that a pharaoh would destroy that cult’s temples and kill or banish the priests. Through out Egypt’s history people in authority have also influenced the pharaoh. Pharaohs have been manipulated by priests, viziers, or even the queen into decisions that favor them. But regardless of who influenced the pharaohs, ancient Egypt greatly benefited from having strong rulers to guide the

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