How Did Al Capone Rise To Power

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English IV 19 May, 2011 Al Capone There are few people in America who have not heard of Al Capone. Al Capone came to power during the Prohibition Era of the 1920's. The Prohibition policy gave rise to many bootlegging gangs and Capone took full advantage of this policy to rise to the top in organized crime and build his empire. Capone chose to live his life of crime to achieve wealth and fame and to advance in society. He ran his empire with ingenuity and brute force. Al Capone was one of America's most notorious mobsters who demanded respect from all those around him and changed the way the law worked. Capone was born in…show more content…
While working at the Harvard Inn, Capone earned his nickname Scarface when he made a rude comment to a young woman. Her brother, Frank Gullucio, who was also at the table, jumped up and punched Capone. A fight ensued, and Gullucio pulled a knife and slashed Capone's face, leaving scars that would remain with him the rest of his life. It was during this time in his life that Al Capone met Mae Coughlin. They were married after she gave birth to their son, Albert Francis Capone born December 4, 1918. Now that he had a wife and baby to support, Capone decided to get a legitimate career. He quit working for Yale and moved to Baltimore, where he went to work as a bookkeeper. Everything was going well for Capone until his father died in 1920. This was a turning point for Capone. Capone quit his bookkeeping job and moved to Chicago to go back to work for Johnny Torrio in 1921. Torrio had gained sole control over a multimillion dollar business from his partner Big Jim Colosimo, after he was murdered by Frankie Yale, who was wanting to move in on their business territory, which included

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