How Did African Americans Influence The Development Of The Civil Rights Movement?

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History Extended Essay The experience of African Americans during the Second World War was most definitely an important factor in the development of the Civil Rights Campaign after 1945, if not the most important. Civil rights before 1945 and the Second World War was present in America, though it was unorganised and seemingly ineffective. The black community did not have a driving force to get behind and there were other factors limiting cooperation such as the activity of the Ku Klux Klan. Blacks in America were seen as very much second class citizens, yet when the Second World War broke out, Black men enlisted immediately. Though despite their eagerness to defend their country, they received no respect from the US Military. The military camps were segregated, they had separate eating facilities, toilets etc. Though there were some successful Black Soldiers and divisions, such as the…show more content…
Another propaganda the US Government used was the idea they were fighting for freedom and human rights, yet the black soldiers fighting were not completely free and were having their own human rights abused back in America. As well as the fact the fact that despite the US welcomed the extra soldiers but still treated them unequally sparked something amongst the black community. And so began the Double V Campaign. It stood for Victory Abroad, Victory at Home. It meant they wanted Victory against Nazi Germany and the Axis, and Victory for Civil Rights. This began to stir the black populace in America. They began to protest Civil Rights more and more. Since before the Double V Campaign Blacks had no unified cause to follow, this was a very important step in the development of the Civil Rights Campaign, essentially kick-starting what was to follow and lighting a fire amongst the black people of America. Though I believe it to be the most important factor in the development of the Civil Rights Campaign, it was not the only one and there are multiple reasons to be
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