How Did Abigail Williams Change In The Crucible

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After the killing of innocent people accused of being witches, a play was written called The Crucible. The play takes place in a village where religion ruled and when a few girls are caught dancing in the woods, the minister that caught them, Mr. Parris, panics and has reason to believe there is devil spirits in their town. Abigail Williams, Mr. Parris’s niece is one of the girls caught and changes life in the town when she accuses everyone but herself and friends of witchery. The changes the families and people endure in their town, not only change the town but also certain people are affected in the town tremendusy. Reverend Hale is a respectable priest who performs exocisms and goes to towns to find witches. When he come to Salem he is sure of witches and that devils are present, but then things start to change. Too many people are being accused and he searchers all the houses and places in town for…show more content…
Thus leading to when she was caught, instead of taking resonsiblity of her actions she blaims Tituba for the crime. This leads to Abagial accusing others of witchery. She is so rude and ignorant, she doesn’t even see what it is doing to the town. Even if Abagial can see what she is doing, she could care less. In addition to all of this trouble, Abigial accuses John Proctors wife of witchery, thus enraging John Proctor. She just wants Elizabeth Proctor to die so she can have John, but John would never let that happen. Abagial is stubborn to the fact that her and John were just a one night stand and he wants to be with his wife. Afterwards, the death of the people finally soak in and she runs away to escape persecution. She was so angry and when she knew that John was going to be killed, she wished she could take it all back. She lost all her friends and her lover, it soaked in and tore her up inside. The only thing she could do was run away and never come
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