How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson

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President Andrew Jackson was democratic in many ways; he was a supporter of the common man and he believed that the people should have control over offices, whether elected or appointed (Document D). However, Jackson was often pictured as a king, rather than a president (Document E), he trusted many people whom he shouldn’t have trusted (Document I), and he forced indians to move further west and out of the lands they called their home (Document J). Therefore, while Jackson was for the most part a democratic person for Americans, who favored the common man; he also resembled a ruler by doing things such as removing indians from their lands just because of their race. Jackson was the seventh president of the United States, his presidencies took place in 1828 through 1832 and 1832 through 1836. He is often thought of as one of the most popular presidents. Andrew Jackson was democratic in many ways; he was a supporter of the common people, he helped the “transfer of national power from the country house to the farmhouse” (Document B), and be believed in the power of the people and “that all offices – whether appointed or elected – must ultimately fall under the absolute control of the people” (Document D). By believing and supporting in the people, Jackson won the favor over many americans. During his presidency, Jackson made many statements about offices and how long their terms should be and how they should be elected by the people, rather than by other offices (Document D). This won the favor of the public in many ways, mainly due to the fact that they saw a president who was representing them, rather than only wanting to put themselves into a higher position. However, not all that Jackson did during his presidency was looked very highly upon. One major incident that occurred because of Jackson was his choice to put Samuel Swartwout, who had a known criminal
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