How Cystic Fibrosis Changed My Life

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Cystic Fibrosis Changed My Life Forever Megan Ryan Libby Post University Abstract There are many imperative moments in a person’s life that shape them into who they become. Although at times life may seem hopeless, you may feel lost in the world a person has decision to make to find their way. I believe this narrative essay gives you an understanding of how life experiences change the road people follow; shaping them into the people they become. When you are through reading this essay I believe you will have a better insight into the author’s life. You may come to learn that this one life shaping moment changed the author’s life forever. Cystic Fibrosis Changed My Life Forever My mom said, “Yes” Excellent, I thought, while phoning…show more content…
“What is, Cystic Fibrosis?” At that moment my life changed forever. I cried for the unknown, my heart filled with anger, and I soon find out what exactly having Cystic Fibrosis entails. I begin routinely attending medical appointments and I suffer complications induced by my Cystic Fibrosis. Making matters worse, I later endure multiple admits into the hospital. As a child I felt lost in the world. Through all the changes I have encountered my heart breaks for all the uncertainties to come in my life. I soon find my way in the world determined to let nothing stand in the way of my hopes and…show more content…
I learned to understand the stressors which cause my Cystic Fibrosis to flare up. It’s not long after that I begin to have many good days; they turned into months of remission. I begin to blossom letting nothing stand in my way; living the life that many would envy. I mature into a strong confident young mother determined to instill within her children let nothing stand in your way. Looking back upon the day when my life truly changed forever I wouldn’t change a thing; I see the world differently than others. I cherish each and every moment I have here with my family and friends. I believe I cherish all those small moments in life just a little more than people who have never had to live a day with a chronic illness. There are moments within our lives that shape the road to where we are going. I truly believe there are imperative moments in our lives that can change us in just an instant. The day I was diagnosis with Cystic Fibrosis would be one of those life changing moments that would shape me into the women I am

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