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Essay Crazy Horse, the son of Crazy Horse, is a legendary figure in history for many reasons. He is looked at as one of the greatest Sioux leaders of all time. He was a very independent man who believed in what was right and didn’t let anyone tell him what to do. When the white soldiers were trying to take his tribe’s land he gave it all he had trying to defend them. He always stayed true to his tribe and showed great leadership protecting his people and hunting for food to keep his tribe alive. Crazy Horse was a very determined man and never let any obstacle or person stop him from doing what he believed in. When Colonel Custer tried to raid Crazy Horses’ tribe he stood up and took on the challenge. Even thought they were clearly outnumbered, Crazy Horse gathered his fellow warriors and they fought against Custer with all the heart they had for as long as they could. Crazy Horse did not just go down with one bullet. It is said that Crazy Horse was once shot in the same leg twice but acted as if it were a mosquito bite. He continued fighting through any pain. That shows determination. Crazy Horse lived in the time period of the mid to late eighteen hundreds. This time period was the period in which the US government was trying to take all the land from the Native Americans. This affected his life in many ways. One way he was affected, as a warrior was he was responsible for the duty of defending his tribe and keeping their land as long as he could. During eighteen seventy six Crazy Horse and six other Sioux chiefs led one thousand five hundred people from all tribes to attack General Cook and his one thousand infantry and cavalry in the battle of the Rosebud. Just a few days later Crazy Horse was a part of the attack of Custer and his men in the battle of Little Big Horn. Crazy Horse showed great courage and led a key role in this massacre.

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