The Importance Of A Criminal Record

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Criminal Record can affect ones future in many ways, ways you wouldn’t even think of. I have done some research. If you are a convicted felon, it is sad to say that you will have great difficulty finding a job that will hire you. I mean, if you were the boss of a management, would you want a felon working for you? I wouldn’t. Also, you will lose the right to vote, serve on a jury, hold elective office, and by no means be allowed to enter into the military. You could also lose the right to any kind of student loans, grants, or college enrollment. You could get your license suspended or revoked, and may not be eligible for insurance. Many motels or apartment complexes will also refuse to let you rent out a place. A felony will stay on your record for life and you will never be able to escape it, unless you find a way to get it expunged but that takes many steps and tries to accomplish.…show more content…
If you are convicted of a sexual crime, such as rape, you may have to report where you live and work. Also, you will most likely be added to websites and lists of sexual predators/offenders. What will your neighbors and friends who do not know about your crime think and say when they find your name and picture on one of those sites or lists? Along with all of that, you will lose the right to own any kind of firearm. Like hunting? Say good bye to that. Like protection in your home? Say good bye to that
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