How Children Learn

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Since the very beginning, human beings have a tendency to imitate and copy what ever they see and hear because they love, enjoy, and learn the imitation. It goes along with children when they begin to observe what and how adult do. Children “mirror” everything they have seen and then reflects it not only the good behaviors but also the bad ones because they are born with an instinctive capacity and desire to imitate adult behaviour. Children learn about many things as they are creative, curious, and fun loving. Therefore, it is often said that the way children get knowledge by observing behavior of adults and copying it is the best way before they master in the other skills for instance, reading skills. This statement is partly right and personally I agree with the special form of learning called imitation, is the ability to learn behavior from observing and copying the actions of others. It goes without doubt, that the statement is a unviersal truth. Children learn the first step from an adult and most of times from their parents, they closely observe the action, word, and behaviour and then commiting it to memory. Tomasello (1999) said ‘children thus attain many of their most important social and cognitive abilities by observing and copying what others do.’ That kind of situations is called as imitation. Furthermore, any adult may serve as model, those whom children view as having high prestige or importance peoples in their live such teachers and parents (Seafealt, 1998). Adults are the role model of children, they are being their idol and superstars because in children’s mind adults are the perfect steriotype. Through the copying process, children learn, communicate and accomodate them selves to face anykind of situation and it will definitely help children to develop. The goal on this essay is to examine Childrens’ experience in learning best by observing

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