How Certain Characters in the Book Silas Marner Changed

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Cameron Kent Mrs. Tetsch Essay#8 Silas Marner, Godfrey Cass and Nancy Lammeter changed the most throughout the book. As a young man in the town Lantern Yard, Silas is accused of killing a town deacon by not being by his side on his deathbed. Then he is accused of stealing the deacon's money. When his knife, is placed by William Dane, his most trusted friend, in the drawer where the money was, it is found instead of the money, William accuses him of stealing the money and killing the deacon. Having been hurt and betrayed by his religion, and best friend Silas leaves his hometown and settles in Raveloe. For fifteen years, he is disregarded and slightly feared by the townspeople of Raveloe, as he had a reputation of being connected with the devil. He is isolated from the rest of the village, living at the edge of town, working as a weaver, and not attending church. The money he earns from weaving fills him with happiness and satisfaction that is lacking from his lack of human companionship and communication. When his money is stolen, the villagers feel sorry for him. What changes his life is the child that he finds sitting in front of his fireplace, the child Eppie he believes is sent from above. Eppie brings him more happiness and joy than he ever received from the gold. He finally experiences reciprocated companionship and affection. Having the girl in his life makes him love and trust. At the end, the villagers agree that he brought a blessing to his life when he took Eppie in as his child. With Eppie in his life, Silas is able to unite his old faith with his new one, and believe that there is goodness and justice in this world. Godfrey’s Cass is a cowardly, spineless man. He is Molly's husband and Eppie's father, but refuses to acknowledge them when he should have, because he would lose the love of Nancy Lammeter, the woman he truly loves. Only

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