How Carthage Became Almost the Equal of Rome.

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It is my plan in this paper to provide a very brief history of Carthage, the power of Rome, the subsequent Punic Wars and the creation & strength of the Roman navy. I shall conclude giving my own view of the situation and what might have been achieved. The origin and rise of Carthage. Carthage was a North African city founded by the Phoenicians as a colony to Tyre, Mark (2011) indicates that Carthage was “Originally a small port on the coast, established only as a stop for Phoenician traders to re-supply or repair their ships” but its success as a trading post and rapid growth meant that it grew to be a powerful empire founded on trade and commerce. Morey (1901) tells us that Carthage “early acquired dominion over the native races of Africa, the Lydians and the Numidians.” who were native to the region. Forcing many into slavery, the city began to grow. The power and wealth they achieved arose from the vast trading empire they established, trading goods across the known lands spices from the near east, tin from Britain and a number of other commodities. This trade was mainly conducted at sea, so they created a navy unrivalled at the time, one more sophisticated than any other. It also led to a city that was the envy of many, Mark (2011) points out that “The aristocrats lived in palaces, the less affluent in modest but attractive homes”. The harbour at Carthage was said to be the largest of the time with over 200 docks, with ornate columns forming a semi circular port covered with sculptures from the region. This trading power, supported by slave labour and backed by military force allowed Carthage to expand its empire across the North Africa region, as well as into the Iberian Peninsula, which left to contact and friction with the two other great empires of the day – Greece and Rome. The power of Rome. According to Gill “At first, Rome was
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