How can Vietnam reduce the effect of Climate change? Essay

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As the report of World Bank on July,2008, Vietnam is one of countries be the most severely effected by climate change. In particularly, sea level of Mekong river and Red river will be higher 40cm than today by the end of 21st century as expected. And about 1 million people in MeKong dental will already be directly affected by sea-level rise by 2050. Therefore, to avoid the bad effect of climate change, in my oppion, vietnam should pay attention on taking action against forest degradations and controlling the waste of factories. In Vietnam, forest cover 12.61 million hectare of 33 million ha land area that play an important role in both of economic development and environmental protection., ? nature forests in Vietnam has already destroyed illegaly; ...foresters were attacked by timber smugglers, majorities natives are ready to support forrest destroyers to carry timbles out of forest are challenging the forest management of Vietnam. To stop it, Vietnam has to set up a completed forest managing program that includes giving heavy purnishment to forest destroyers, propagandize and educate people to be aware of the harmful effect on themselve if they destroy the forest, doing reforestration,etc. In 2008, the event in discovery of Vedan factory wasting to Thi Vai river and making this river died and polluted is warning signal of the weak control of authorities to the factories’waste. Not only Vedan factory, but also other factories for example, brick production which is one of the most environmentally damaging activities in the construction sector are not followed the waste regulations. After this situation, Vietnam raise the financial purnishment for breaking these regulations, establishing a group of investigator to wasting process of factories but their effectiveness is still on the paper. In fact we are affected by the climate change and its

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