How Can the Underground Space Be Built

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How can the Underground Space be Built? The rapid growth of world civilization requires more space for living. Land is used for dwelling. Forest is destroyed to allow more space for people to live. To some extend, the surface space is overwhelmingly used by people. That is, high densely populated urban areas, heavy traffic jam on the road, and noise. The problem is how to find a way to relive the demanding pressure since the ground space is limited. Using underground space for habitation seems a more plausible solution. Back to the late 1980s, Japanese had became interested in underground space utilization since its limited land area capacity comparing to its population.[1] In the same century, the International Earth Sheltered Building Conferences were emphasized on the underground building technology. Underground space is increasing being viewed as an underutilized found in congested urban environments.[2] The underground space design requires high technology and therefore it has problematical features. For example, large underground projects may require many site investigations and risk of constructions during process and high risks during the constructions' process. In John Carmondy's book “a Guide to Subsurface Utilization and Design for People in Underground Space”, he suggested that good use of the underground space can relive the surface pressure and gave plenty of examples to support his point. In Saja Durmisevic's Jounal “The Future of the Underground Space ”Most of these researches were done in the 1990s. She maintained that good planning design could result in or improve the quality of the urrderground environment. Many things may be changed extremely over decade. Therefore, there are many spaces changing through the period of the time. Building commercial structures on the underground space other than residential buildings seems to
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