How Can Teachers/Trainers Establish Ground Rules With Learners Which Underpin Appropriate Behaviuor And Respect For Others

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TASK ONE PTLLS MODULE: When beginning a training/teaching session it is essential to have ground rules laid down that everybody concerned understands, agrees with and can abide to. I believe these need to be a group effort and that all people on the training have the opportunity to contribute to them. This means that all students feel they have been heard and included, making the ground rules more effective and meaningful. I see ground rules as mutually agreed views where all students feel like their personal views are appreciated and valued, creating a respectful and safe environment where students feel able to contribute and enjoy the training. Ways in which we can do this can include: • To involve everybody on the course to contribute what they feel is important to be a rule for the duration of the course. This can lead to further discussion and more ideas can arise from this. • The trainer/teacher can instil his/her own rules or contribute a few to the list that they feel are important to them, ensuring they also abide by them. For example time keeping. • Ice breakers or games can be used to relax people before the discussion around rules begins, making people feel more at ease to contribute. • It could be done in a class contract way, for example the students will agree to abide by a set of rules as will the trainer, and both sides are signed, giving the effect it is more important and official. This can be useful if there are students within the class that are difficult to engage with and behaviour is an issue. By using a contract it is making it clear what acceptable behaviour is and can be referred to if necessary at any point. • Once a list is completed it could be useful to have it on display in the room, giving the teacher/trainer the opportunity to re-refer to it when or if it is
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