How Can Society Impact on an Individual? Essay

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The impact a society can have on an individual can vary on the type of society and the power that individual holds in the society. Like “In the park” and “Warru”; in the park was focused more on how much authority a mother holds in that society, whereas Warru is more about an individual who has been affected by a change of society. Much ado about nothing (MAAN) is a play written by William Shakespeare in 1598 and 1599 where the victim is being affected because of how little authority she has. “In the park” is a poem by Gwen Harwood which illustrates the fact that the mother no longer lives the same life she used to have. In the Park uses poetic devices to great effect, and the most powerful of these is symbolism. The reader is shown the contrast between the man’s life and the woman’s life. For example, in the first line of the poem “Her clothes are out to date", and the Man’s neat head which illustrates that the woman in the park wears clothes which are not the most current fashion and demonstrates that a mother has no time to care for her own appearance, and her life is all about her children. ‘It’s so nice to hear their chatter, watch them grow and thrive,’ are falsehoods that she has rehearsed to convince herself and others that her life is not miserable. However, it is the final line “They have eaten me alive” that constructs the main message of the poem, that because this woman no longer living her own life but instead is a sacrifice to her children. They have life by ‘eating’ hers. The poem “Warru” by Jack Davis portrays how Warru is effected by the change of his society with the contrasts between the good life the aboriginal community and now how European settlement has changed their lives forever. Different things have been introduced that are not so pleasant to the aboriginal community and has changed their ways of living. Eg ; A young man straight as
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