How Can I Make a Group Work? Essay

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How can I make a group work? Teamwork can be very stressful if not everybody is contributing, but from my own experience I have learned several tricks that make a team work, such as: teambuilding, meeting and working under pressure. If a group does not feel comfortable with one another, they will not make any effort to come together to work or even to contact each other. In term one, I felt like the group was so distant from each other and we ended up clashing halfway towards our goal. Ultimately, we decided that we could not continue working like that, so we met up with each other. We did not point out the positive and negative of each other, but we gave everyone the chance to do so themselves. We are aware of our faults, but if somebody else points them out, they are more likely to put up their guard and get offensive, so if you take responsibility for your own faults, it can be easier to solve instead of pointing fingers. When you’re working on a team, it is important to meet with each other, not only to divide tasks, but also to actually work together, discuss whatever needs to be done, solve any problem there may be within the group and this contributes to teambuilding as well. For example, this term when we had to choose a product or service to bring to the Surinamese market, we mentioned some of the craziest topics. These topics were things that the group members were passionate about and things we did not know about each other yet. Meeting up with each other leads to the last point I will be discussing which is working under pressure. Most people procrastinate towards the end and for others it can be very frustrating. Up until the deadline, some people do not like to do their work. They have to feel a certain pressure in order to perform and from my experience up until this term two, I have come to the conclusion that it is extremely

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