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Actually i never participated in any political conferences, and I never thought about it cause everyone used to say ( who cares ?! ) or ( why you even baser yourself ? ) but after the revolution i felt like so many things inside me had woke up .. I know I may not be as good as the others but the thing that I'm sure about is that I'm Different and I will be the best if I just had the chance to prove that i feel like and for the first time in my life that i got the right to participate in any political conference with no fear, no doubt that I will make a difference all the victimes of the revoloution had shoke the conscience of the nation with thier sacrifce to egypt i always keep asking about everyhing that happens in egypt telling me we suppose that we 'r eknown for the most kindly and pesceful people in the whole world we suppose that we 're against the corraption , terrorism , chaos and name it to the end !! then who is responosable for all the violence and bullying acts her ? all the egyption people denounce this cowardly criminal acts , the revolution reflected the will of the people in changing after all that i truely realized that ( MASR bgd omii ) I have the right to express my opinoion even though i may be 16 but i think i'm old enough to jugde this world i was one of the people that were dying to participate in the egyption revelotion i was crying cause i felt like i'm hand captured ! i can't so anytihng ! all i do is that i'm sitting at home watching people dying in t.v we should fight for freedom and independence we should fight for our legitlmate rights we want to delivre our point of view ( try not be selfish ) unlike no one else , we couldn't handle all of we were going through think for a moment ! for the sake of god people ( the reveloution ) was the only rope we had .. we

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