How Can Death Of Parents Affect Children ?

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How can death of parents affect children and how can we help them cope with it? AlKuzama Salman AlHarmi Class: 3-1 Year: 2010-2011 Supervisor: Shamaly Lalu Word count: 1,214 Abstract: This essay is discussing the effect of the loss of parents on a child, and how people can help children cope with it. This phenomenon has increased extremely in the past few years, where the risk of dying increases as soon as you step out of the door. When people who are parents are killed they are considered to be the victims of a crime, when in fact the ones who are really getting affected the most are their children. This essay contains some of the major effects that can be caused from the death of a parent, and also some methods to help the children get through this tough time in their life. Acknowledgement: I would like to thank all the people who inspired me to write this essay. First of all I would like to thank my mother, for always being beside me and cheering me up whenever I was down. My father, as no one has ever been given more love and support than I have been given by him. And the one that really needs all the thanks is my sister, for helping me a lot in writing this essay as she was always giving me extra remarkable ideas and thoughts. At last I would like to thank my best friend Sara for helping me, as well as my awesome teacher Ms. Mai who was a great inspiration to me as I learned a lot of things from her. Introduction: Birth of a life and death of another one is an every second process. I’m sure no one like to hear things about death, especially if they lose somebody close to them. Losing a close or loved person is hard and coping with it is harder and it’s never easy, because it can affect many sides of a person like their personality, even dealing with his or her life would also be different. There is an important issue that needs

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