How Can An Acceptable Quality Of Healthcare Be Ass

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How can an acceptable quality of healthcare be assured for all? Somia O’Kelley HCA 305 The U.S. Health Care System Professor Shannon Corbett-Perez June 13, 2011 How can an acceptable quality of healthcare be assured for all? Quality Healthcare can be achieved by providing patients with a comprehensive range of services that will ensure adequate and efficient quality care. Since the needs of patients differ from one to another, we must find a system that is beneficial to everyone. When ensuring that every patient receives quality care there are several things we must consider such as healthcare costs, medical technology, and most of all the credentials of physicians chosen to render services to patients. All these things play a key role in providing quality healthcare. First there is the insurance part of our healthcare system and many are concerned about the rising cost in healthcare. Managed care companies are collecting more in premiums but yet paying less for services rendered to it is members. Most people have a managed healthcare plan through an employer or self employment. Premiums are paid on the insured’s behalf for the purpose of covering healthcare costs. The two major healthcare plans are Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) is an organization that provides healthcare coverage through hospitals, physicians, and other providers which are contracted by the HMO; this type of insurance coverage only pays for services rendered by physicians and other providers who are within the network and have agreed to treat patients according to the guidelines of the HMO contract. The HMO plan is usually less expensive because the patient is limited to certain providers. With the HMO plan patients must have a referral to see a
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