How Can a Text Have Two Different Interpretations

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The written task is about “How could a text be read and interpreted differently by two different readers based on Act 5 Scene I of the play “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare”. This Scene shows the hallucinations Lady Macbeth has after influencing her husband Macbeth to kill the King, Duncan. This task corresponds to the part 4 of the course, which covers the detailed study of a text. I was interested in studying this because it caught my attention the way Lady Macbeth and her husband were punished for committing treason from Shakespeare point of view, but from a modern point of view we can read the scene differently.
The first paragraph is general background of what happened, introducing the scene. The second one is about the Elizabethan Society and their way of thinking through anomalies and rare things like the one Macbeth and his wife suffered. Elizabethan society´s superstitious belief in the unifying theory of the Chain of Being is explained: What is natural and unnatural, health and sickness as signs of unnaturalness. The third contrasts the Elizabethan Society with the modern one, which gives more scientifically and psychological reasons for the mental illness of Lady Macbeth. The rest of the task compares both interpretations of her mental illness and what took her to do such things and why did she end with hallucinations and insomnia which later drove her to her death.

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“Macbeth” or “The Tragedy of Macbeth” is a play written by William Shakespeare around the 1606. The tragedy is about a man called Macbeth which is a brave fighter who is winning important battles for the King Duncan in Scotland. Three witches appear once and predicted his future; among those predictions was the one they said that soon Macbeth will reach the crown of Scotland supplanting the recent king, Duncan. A long with his ambition of ruling the kingdom,

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